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We enable conversational AI Chatbots for businesses in the Finance, Insurance, Telco and Services sector.

Learn how we assist companies to transform Contact Centres into powerful AI enabled Customer Experience (CX) Centre.

Breaking the conversation barrier with
Intelligent Response

Conversations are a lot more than simple pre-defined text messages. In addition to text, our chatbot can intelligently answer general everyday questions and facts. E.g.:

  • Tallest building in the World
  • Capital of Japan
  • Math, Sciences & more!

Vision AI

Our Vision AI technology allows your customer to upload images from their mobile and our will detect the scene and text automagically.

Conversational AI

Deep content analysis and highly engaging chatbots will assist your customers queries quickly and accurately.

Real Time Dashboard

Monitor your bot and live conversations in real time. Agents can seamlessly take over the bot conversation.


Deliver personalized content and cohorts to your customers that will surprise and elevate their experience when they return to your site.

Sentiment Analysis

Find out what your customers are saying in real time and connect the conversation for sentiment detection and big data analysis.

Enterprise Integration

Direct access to your enterprise data CRM, Big Data and Contact Center systems including Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and Mitel.

Imaging and Vision AI

Automatic scene and image detection opens up a whole new way of interacting with your customers. By allowing customers to quickly capture images to our Chatbot Platform, you can now process information much quicker.

  • Vehicle number detection
  • QR and Serial number detection
  • Automatic address entry and verification
  • Identity Card (NRIC) processing


Chatbot Engine

Chatbot Engine brings all your bot + live chat conversations in a single 360 degrees view in a simple beautiful dashboard.

  • Live Agent Chat Distribution
  • Chat Data & Sentiment Analytics
  • Customer Profile and Interactions
  • Built-in MiniCRM Module
  • Beautiful Graphs & Reports
  • Customized Integration to Enterprise Backend

Live Chat Handover

Chatbot should be intelligent (but not stubburn enough) to seek for help from a live agent if the question or conversation becomes overly complex. Our bot will seek  assistant from a live agent when things get a little complicated.

Location Services

Our chatbot allows your customer to share their location on their mobile. With location services enabled, you can quickly pintpoint the exact location to offer your services including:

  • Product Deliveries
  • Appointment Meetings
  • Store Location Services
  • Outage Notification
  • Emergency or Accident Locations

Outbound Campaigns

Leveraging on our expertise in outbound contact center, Chatbot Engine’s marketing and notification module lets you build outbound and marketing campaigns using Facebook, SMS and Email to promote and invite customers to engage with your chatbots.

 Client & Partners

We are already making headways on a few key project in the Financial, Insurance, Telecommunications and Services Industry.
Stay tuned while we connect more new customers to join our platform!

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